Sven Markus Victor initial career path was that as a doctor. Though he had an interest in photography, he succumbed to familiar and cultural pressure to study medicine. But at some point, he realized it could only be a career in photography that would bring him happiness and fulfillment. So, he’s made the choice to replace the stethoscope with a camera.

Part of that transition has involved a recent collaboration with US-based photographer Riley Draper. They journeyed to Greece to document the fate of tens of thousands of refugees, largely from war-torn Syria. Situated in these make-shift camps in the small town of Idomeni, these men, women and children struggle to survive as Western counties debate what’s to be done with them. All this is happening in the midst of economic crisis in Greece, growing xenophobia and fears of terrorism.

Victor and Draper’s work attempt to put a face a people that are often looked upon as some amorphous mass. His work, and the work of photographer and reporters like him, hope to humanize a crisis that shows no sign of diminishing or going away.




Sven Markus Victor


Riley Draper

Mark Power

Alex Soth

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