Varina Patel is a nature and landscape photographer who believes that there is nothing more remarkable than the power of nature. Along with her husband and fellow photographer, Jay Patel, she explores the natural world whether it’s the expansive landscape or the stunning details of the macro world. She is generous in sharing her passion for photography via workshops, e-books and her blog.

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Robert Larson is a freelance photographer and writer living in Los Angeles. He is working on a long-term project entitled, Waiting for Haiti. In this self-assigned photo project, he is documenting the continuing impact of the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti. 

In his blog, he writes about the stories behind the images in his project as well as speaking frankly about the challenges, he's faced trying to start a career as a photographer. You can discover more about Robert and his work by visiting his portfolio website and the Waiting for Haiti website. You can also discover more by visiting his blog

Robert Larson recommends the work of David Carol

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Jacquelyn Martin is a staff photojournalist with the Associated Press, Washington DC bureau, where she covers a diverse range of topics from the President and Congress to the National Spelling Bee and the Occupy movement. 

Her work has been honored with awards from the White House News Photographer’s Association, NPPA, and the Women Photojournalists of Washington (WPOW), a non-profit that educates the public about the work of female photojournalists, where she has served as Secretary and Vice President.

When not on assignment for the AP she can be found around the world working on personal projects, or salsa dancing.

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Bruce Dorn  has enjoyed a rich and varied career as a Director, Cameraman, and Photographer, his formal training is in Design. Bruce spent four years as an Associate Professor of Design at Indiana University where he taught advanced courses in both Photography and Design.

As a Mechanical Designer, Bruce has earned acclaim as a builder of custom motorcycles and racing cars. His efforts have been featured in mainstream enthusiast magazines such as Hot Bike and Hot Rod. Insiders credit Bruce with the inspiration of the hugely popular Harley Davidson Fat Boy that appeared shortly after one of his clients, Willie G. Davidson, spent hours pouring over the details of one of Bruce’s pet projects.

Bruce who is also a Canon Explorer of Light has also designed accessories for using HDSLRs for video. Under the IDC Photo Video brand, the products are the result of his relentless pursuit of minimalist functionality.

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 Emilio Banuelos has worked as an editorial photographer and consultant for newspapers in Mexico, Panama and the United States. His documentary work earned him fellowships from the Poynter Institute, The Marty Forscher Fellowship for Humanistic Photography and an award from EnFoco Inc. In the San Francisco Bay Area, Emilio teaches documentary photography for the Academy of Art University, and has conducted workshops for the University of California Santa Cruz-Extension, the University of Coahuila and Black Boots Inc.

Emilio recommends the work of Donna Ferrato (

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Joel Meyerowitz is an award-winning photographer whose work has appeared in over 350 exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world. He was born in New York in 1938. He began photographing in 1962. He is a “street photographer” in the tradition of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Frank, although he works exclusively in color. As an early advocate of color photography (mid-60’s), Meyerowitz was instrumental in changing the attitude toward the use of color photography from one of resistance to nearly universal acceptance. His first book, Cape Light, is considered a classic work of color photography and has sold more than 100,000 copies during its 30-year life. He is the author of 17 other books, including the newly released book by Aperture,Legacy: The Preservation of Wilderness in New York City Parks.You can find out more about Joel and his work by visiting his website at

Joel recommends the work of Paul Strand ( and Alex Soth (

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Jeff Sedlik is a photographer, director, educator, publisher, expert witness and consultant. A leading authority on image licensing, copyright and the business of image licensing, Sedlik is President of the PLUS Coalition, past President of the APA, and a Professor at  the Art Center College of Design. You can discover more about the Plus Coalition and register for free by visiting its website

Jeff Sedlik recommends the work of Herman Leonard

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Susan and Neil Silverman forever seek "the Image, the Light and the Moment" through their camera lens. Together they teach workshops, photograph a multitude of subject matter: people, nature, landscape, weddings, travel, commercial and industrial sites.

Their work is represented by stock agencies both national and international and has appeared in a variety of publications including the cover of Outdoor Photography,, Elle Magazine, Sierra Club, Microsoft, Pacific Rim Magazine, Cure Magazine, der Spiegel, Tamrac International Catalogue Cover, Nikon World, The Wooden boat, Sierra Club, Nikon International Catalogue, and Proceedings among many others. You can find out more about them and their work and workshops by visiting their website. 

Neil and Susan Silverman recommend the works of W. Eugene Smith and Richard Avedon. 

This episode is sponsored by Adobe Lightroom. Perfect Your Photography from shoot to finish with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 software. Find out more by visiting their website.

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Alan Hess is a San Diego-based commercial photographer specializing in concert and live-event photography. He has photographed hundreds of concerts three songs at a time. From small club shows to big arenas, Alan enjoys the fast pace of shooting on the fly, the rush of the house lights going down, and the drive to capture the “show” in the images of the first three songs.

The wide variety of bands that Alan has shot include: Billy Idol, Black Eyed Peas, Bruce Hornsby, The Dead, Death Cab for Cutie, Derek Trucks Band, The Grateful Dead, Jackie Greene, John Legend, Marilyn Manson, Robin Williams, Slayer, The Smashing Pumpkins, Steel Pulse, Widespread Panic, Willie Nelson and many others.?Alan’s work has been published in a variety of online and print outlets, including the following:,,, Poughkeepsie Journal, Mill Valley Herald,,, Photoshop User,, Relix Magazine and Vintage Guitar Magazine.

His images have been used for various CDs and other promotional work. Alan is currently the house photographer for a large concert venue in Southern California and when he isn’t out shooting concerts he is writing books.

Alan is the author of six photography books and three books about getting the most from your iPad. He has been the technical editor or content advisor on 12 other titles and continues to write and edit books when not out shooting.

Alan has been part of the PhotoshopWorld Instructor Dream Team since 2009

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Aline Smithson is a fine-art photographer whose work has been exhibited widely in exhibitions in venues such as the Griffin Museum of Photography, the Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art, Lishui Festival in China and the Tagomago in Barcelona and Paris. Her images have also been published in PDN (Photo District News), Communication Arts Photo Annual, Lenswork Extended and Silvershotz magazines. 

In 2012, Aline received the Rising Star Award through the Griffin Museum of Photography for her contributions to the photographic community. Aline founded and writes the blogzine, Lenscratch, that celebrates a different contemporary photographer each day and offers opportunity for exhibition.

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Brian Smith is a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer who for the past thirty years has created iconic portraits of famous athletes, celebrities, politicians and business people. His images have appeared in countless books and magazines, not least of which are Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine, Time, Forbes, New York Times Magazine, Elle and British GQ. 

He won the Pulitzer for Spot News Photography for his photography of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. He was also won awards from both World Press Photo and the Picture of the Year competitions for his image of Greg Louganis hitting his head on the diving board at the Seoul Olympics. His personal project have included images of Burlesque performers from today and the past. He is also the author Secrets of Great Portrait Photography: Pictures of the Famous and the Infamous.

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Nicole Young is a full-time photographer and author. She specializes in food and stock photography and licenses her images through iStockphoto and Getty Images. Nicole is an accredited Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in Photoshop and is a “Help Desk Specialist” with the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). She is author of the books Canon 7D: From Snapshots to Great Shots, EOS Canon 60D: From Snapshots to Great Shots and Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots published by Peachpit Press, along with eBooks published through Craft&Vision. 

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Ibarionex and Jerod Foster took the stage at the Peachpit Booth at Photoshop World 2012 in Las Vegas. During this presentation, they discussed their unique approaches to photography inspired by choosing their favorite of the other photographer's images. The discussion which was recorded live  provides an insight into how each photographer uses light, story telling, gesture and more to make effective and strong photographs. 

You can find the images that we discussed during the presentation by visiting the website at 

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Valerie Jardin is a versatile photographer who shoots interiors and architecture where the details tell the story. She also photographs food and loves working with culinary artists on location. Portraiture work gives her the opportunity to photograph people in their environment and capture their true personality.

She also has a passion for street photography, writing and educating other photographers. Her articles appear regularly in the Digital Photography School online magazine and she teaches workshops including a street photography through the street of Paris.

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Robert Rodriguez Jr. was trained as a musician, Robert graduated from the Berklee College of Music in 1990 and was a music producer for 12 years before transitioning to landscape photography and the desire to spend as much time in nature.

With visual story telling,  he discovered the potential to express a more creative and personal vision. Focusing on the Hudson Valley allowed Robert to discover not only beautiful landscapes often taken for granted, but the changing mood and character of the region. Seeking to capture the beauty, or convey the emotional qualities of a place or moment in nature, his images have elicited responses ranging from evocative, to spiritual and breathtaking. He frequently travels beyond in search of other dramatic and unique locations, including New England, the southwest, and Canada.

Robert takes pride in a hands on approach to creating his expressive prints, working on every stage, from the initial exposure and processing, to printing and framing. His prints have been purchased by private collectors and commercial clients throughout North America.

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Brian Matiash is a professional photographer as well as the Education Manager for OnOne Software. In his role as an educator, he teaches photographers how to improve their photographs and their editing skills with his many webinars, articles and blog entries, but he also has his own passion for photography.

He has specialized in developing and refining his use of HDR (High-Dynamic Range)  to use it not merely as a gimmicky visual effect, but rather as a tool to help him realize his own personal vision of a subject and a scene.

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Jasmine DeFoore is a photo consultant who knows first hand what busy editorial and commercial clients are looking for when it comes to finding photographers. She infuses her consulting projects with energy, enthusiasm and fresh ideas. Her approach integrates social media marketing with traditional promotional efforts and relationship building.

Jasmine launched her consulting business in 2010 and continues to be an active member of the photo community. Whether reviewing portfolios at international photo festivals, judging contests, blogging, lecturing at universities or mentoring young photographers, Jasmine keeps her love of photography at the forefront. 

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Tony Di Zinno is a photographer whose assignments have led him to six continents in over 58 countries. Easily at home on Hollywood's studio back lots and on the foothills of the Himalaya, this self proclaimed 'photo-sherpa' has made his bones on propaganda by producing iconic images for Nike, Adidas and The North Face among others. Now as a faculty member at the Art Center College of Design, near Los Angeles, CA (his alma mater, PHO 89), Tony teaches various hybrid classes multi-discipline in nature. 
 Tony was invited on the board of Mountain to Mountain, a non-profit foundation working on projects in Central Asia, (Pakistan and Afghanistan). Previously, he had worked with M2M curating for a traveling photo exhibit called the 'Views of the Himalaya' benefiting a village in Nepal. The focus is on the education of young journalists in Kabul (video, radio and photo) with an emphasis on young women in the roles previously prohibited by Taliban extremists. He will soon be returning to that country as part of his work with M2M.
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Mike Moats is an award winning, professional nature photographer from Sterling Heights, Michigan. Her started as a hobbyist in 2001 but it quickly grew into a full time business. He  has published articles and images in Outdoor Photographer Magazine, PC Photo Magazine, Natures Best Magazine, Nature Photographer Magazine, Photolife and Tamron’s “Angle of View” Blog. He has won numerous local and international awards, and in 2006 was asked to join the Fuji Pro Talent Team and in 2009 was added to the Tamron Lenses website as one of their ”Macro Masters”. In 2006 he started offering Close-Up/Macro Photography Workshops. He is also a moderator of the macro gallery at,

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Jay Patel is an exceptional landscape photographer whose passion for the outdoors began with his family travels in his country of origin,  India. Since picking up a digital camera a little more than a decade ago, he has developed both a keen eye and a mastery of the technical to create stunning images of the natural world. Along with his wife, Varina, another passionate photographer, they share their experience and extensive knowledge of photography and the natural world through workshops, e-books, blogs and an active presence in various social networks.,

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Mathieu Young is a commercial photographer as well as a socially conscious photojournalist whose work has taken him all over the world. His entertainment work includes production images for such popular programs such as So You Think You Can Dance? and Glee. His journalistic and personal projects have focused on deforestation in Cambodia, the ongoing struggles of Haitians following the devastation of an earthquake and the personalities that make up the Tea Party Movement. His work has been published in numerous newspapers and magazines. He is a good example of a photographer who uses the funds earned by his commercial work to help fund his personal projects, which not only satisfy his desire to make a difference with a camera, but at times can also earn him greater professional opportunities.

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Bruce Smith is a fashion photographer who has been working professionally for over three decades. In this second conversation with the Liverpool-based photographer, we discuss what's involved in sustaining a long-term career as a photographer. His commercial and advertising work has been published in publications throughout the world. His sensitivity and rapport with his models extends to his clients, which reflects one of the reasons for his continued success in the highly-competitive field of fashion photography. He is also a generous teacher and offers his years of experience and talent though his international series of photographic workshops. 

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Rebecca Jackrel is a freelance photographer based in San Francisco, California, who shares her love of wild creatures and places through her photography. In the last few years she has been involved in using her photography to help environmental causes and organizations like the Ethiopian Wolf Project and has raised funds to finance this project through KickStarter.


Rebecca has been honored with several awards including the 2010 Nature's Best Photography Awards and the 2008 Art Wolfe International Conservation Photography.


Rebecca is a member of NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association), ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) and PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and lectures on nature photography and environmental issues. 

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Dana Barsuhn is a young LA-based photographer who honed his skill on the streets of Los Angeles and used what he has learned to serve his early work as a professional photographer. Within a short period of time, he has developed a very personal visual sensibility with his street photography, which has not only allowed him to create distinct imagery in this popular genre, but has also helped him to create unique photographs. His growth as a photographer has recently inspired him to make the leap into a full-time professional photographer, with the hopes of achieving both financial and creative success.

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Rinzi Ruiz is a Los Angeles-based street photographer who picked up a camera only two years ago. In that brief time, he has developed a keen eye for capturing beautiful and poignant images on the street. His rapid development as a photographer is informed from a commitment to make time for his art, as well as developing a critical eye for what works and what doesn't. Inspired by both contemporary and master photographers, his understanding of the tradition of street photography is helping him to develop a distinct voice in the genre.  You can discover more about Rinzi and his work by visiting his website and his blog.

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In this episode, the table is turned on Ibarionex Perello as the show's editor Martin Taylor takes control of the microphone to ask the questions of the host of The Candid Frame. In this follow-up to a conversation that aired last year with Jeffery Saddoris, this episode discusses photography, podcasting and the continuing challenges of leading a creative life.

Recorded in San Francisco, the conversation provides a glimpse where Ibarionex is today, but provides him the opportunity for him to discuss how the show has changed his life and his photography.

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Lauri Lyons is  a photographer who's photographic range has enabled her to shoot celebrity portraits, ad campaigns and documentaries. She has worked in Africa, Australia, Brazil, Europe, Mexico and the United States. Her photographs have appeared in such publications as The London Observer, Stern, The Fader and Art Forum. She is the first Black woman to shoot the cover of Fortune magazine.

Lauri is the author of two acclaimed books; Flag:An American Story (2001) and Flag International (2008). She was the commissioned portrait photographer for the book INSPIRATION: Portraits of Black Women Changing Our World (2012).

Lauri is the Publisher & Editor in Chief of the online publication Nomads Magazine. She is also a contributing writer for The Huffington Post and her essays have also appeared in The Wall Street and U.S.A

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Barbara Bordnick is a renowned photographer recognized for her fashion, portrait and fine-art work. Her career began in Europe, but quickly began to be recognized around the world when she began being published in Harper's Bazaar. She has been the recipient of many awards including Clios for film and print, Missouri School of Journalism Award and the International Film Festival Gold Medal. Her fine-art photography has built on her unique sensibility and her approach in photography and has made her a popular instructor.

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Bill Frakes is a Sports Illustrated Staff Photographer based in Florida. He has worked in more than 100 countries for a wide variety of editorial and advertising clients. His advertising clients include Nike, CocaCola, Champion, Isleworth, Stryker, IBM, Nikon, Kodak,Canon, and Reebok. 

Editorially his work has appeared in virtually every major general interest publication in the world. Bill won the coveted Newspaper Photographer of the Year award in the prestigious Pictures of the Year competition. He was a member of the Miami Herald staff that won the Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of Hurricane Andrew . He has also been honored by the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards for reporting on the disadvantaged and by the Overseas Press club for distinguished foreign reporting.

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Gerd Ludwig is a National Geographic photographer who is best known for his long-term work documenting the impact of the Chernobyl nuclear accident in the former Soviet Union. This personal project has allowed him to the tell the story of the human toll on the people decades after the initial, dramatic events of the accident itself. For decades, he has also been working on assignments focusing on Russia and Eastern Europe, which has held a personal fascination for him. His book, Broken Empire: After the Fall of the USSR is an incredible visual telling of a country struggling to redefine itself.
He has recently released an iPad App which showcases his work on Chernobyl with still, video and audio commentary. The Long Shadow of Chernobyl provides a unique method for telling the 25-years story of the accident and its long term impact on a country and a people.
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Qiana Mestrich is a photographer and the creator of the popular Dodge and Burn blog, a site dedicated to work of photographers of color. Since she fell in love with photography since she picks up a camera at the age of 16. Her professional career helping other professional to use social networking as a marketing tool. But it's her love for photography and the work on her blog that has helped to inspire her to return to school at earn her master's degree in photography at the International School of Photography in New York, where she is working to develop her own distinct photographic vision.

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Joel Grimes describes himself as an illusionist, a photographer who has created his personal stamp on the art of photography. His unique style for creating portraits, especially of sports figures, have made him a a popular and in-demand photographer for a host of commercial and editorial clients and increasingly, as an educator. Though his work involves him being a technician of sorts, he creates photographs with the vision of an artist.

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Ophelia Chong is an accomplished illustrator. A graduate of the Art Center College of Design, she has worked exclusively for Raygun Magazine and David Carson. As a creative director of The Workbook, she garnered five design awards for print by hiring talent and challenging them with a limited budget, but offering them an open field to create. She is represented by W+S+W/NYC for her illustration which has been in over six gallery shows and been published worldwide.

She is a savvy user of social networking from flickr, Twitter and Facebook and has used these as important tools for marketing her work and creating professional opportunities for herself and others. 

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Juan Pons is a nature and wildlife photographer who was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  He is a strong supporter of wildlife and natural habitat conservation and is a member of several conservation organizations. As well as selling his prints to private collectors, he also donates his images to non-profit organizations with nature and wildlife preservation missions. He is an instructor and workshop leader as well as being the co-host along with Rick Sammon of the popular podcast, The Digital Photo Experience.

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Warren Keating’s latest works in the Overview series, are the result of collecting photographs and video of unwitting subjects from balconies in France, digitizing them on computer and painting them on canvas. Born in New Orleans in 1965, Keating won several regional awards in oil and watercolor painting and received more than a half-dozen commissions before reaching the age of 18. His work now reflects the culmination of 25 years of painting both the figure and the landscape.

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Martin Bailey is a Tokyo based nature, wildlife and portrait photographer. He is the host and producer of the Martin Bailey Photography podcast, which supports a popular blog and forum. He also conducts workshops and photographic tours in Japan and abroad.

Born in London, England he immigrated to Japan and in 2010 became a Japanese citizen.

His journey to becoming a full-time working professional photographer was chronicled through his podcast as was his recent health challenges. His professional and personal journey as well as his beautiful and stunning photographs are a source of great inspiration to photographers from all over the world.

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Jerod Foster is a Texas-based magazine/editorial and travel photographer. His photographic efforts focus on environmental portraiture and natural history, where he is able to devote visual resources to telling individual stories through the photographic medium and multimedia concerted projects. His background growing up in rural ranch country partially inspires him to seek through stories out among his surrounding cultural environment.,

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Vincent Versace is a renowned photographer and educator. His work has appeared in countless publications and he is the author of Welcome to OZ 2.0. He is a popular instructor who expertise using available light and Photoshop have earned him honors and admiration of photographers from all over the world., 

Direct download: The_Candid_Frame_130_-_Vincent_Versace.mp3
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Tony Luna is founder and president of Tony Luna Creative Services, a Creative Consultancy, which he formed in 1971. As a Creative Consultant he has assisted over a thousand entrepreneurs and hundreds of businesses to start or reinvent their endeavors in photography, film, and graphic design. Mr. Luna is an Adjunct Professor and has been an instructor at the Art Center College of Design in the field of business for the creative entrepreneur since 1985. He also teaches a series of highly regarded career reinvention classes titled, Crafting a Meaningful Career- Parts One, Two, and Three to mid-career professionals who are looking to take their careers to the next level.,

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Gary Phillips is a mystery writer of the popular Ivan Monk novels set in Los Angeles. He is also written graphic novels and served as an editor on several anthologies.,

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Penny De Los Santos is a travel and food culture photographer whose work as appeared in National Geographic, Savuer and Texas Monthly magazines. She has a special eye for reveal the beauty of culture but the special relationship that people and communities have around food., 

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A special announcement about changes coming to the 5th season of The Candid Frame podcast.

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