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Photo by JSala on Flickr.
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Photo by Pigon (Piotr Golebiowski) on Flickr.

Check out a great discussion about black and white photography on the latest episode of the Focus Ring by visiting
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This episode of the Focus Ring revolves around the discussion of seeing in black and white and creating monochrome images. Each contributor has submitted 2 of their own images to discuss the topic . Contributors Chris Marquardt (Tips from the Top Floor), Scott Anderson (The Folio Podcast), Manuel Fuentes Alarcon (Lens Bokeh Podcast) and Ibarionex Perello (The Candid Frame) join together to discuss how to make better black and white photographs.
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Bruce Osborn was born in Southern California and raised on its surf and skateboard culture. After graduating from the University of the Pacific with a BA in Fine Art, he studied Photography at Art Center College of Design. He began working for Phonograph Record Magazine as their photographer and photo editor and also did free lance photography for other music related businesses. In 1980 Bruce moved to Japan where he is a well known commercial photographer and filmmaker. He is most known for the Oyako project, which has provided him the opportunity to photograph Japanese parents and their children, to the point that it's become a national event. You can discover his work by visiting his website, flickr account and the Oyako website.

Bruce Osborn recommends the work of Shoji Ueda.

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