As the daughter of a wedding photographer, Yvonne Venegas’ work emerges from a reflection of portraiture charged by an analysis of social class and self-representation, particularly that of the Mexican upper middle class. She is interested in problematizing the idea of the perfect or official memory, by seeking moments of fragility or un-preparedness for the camera. Inhabited by upper middle-class social rituals, ideas of celebrity and beauty, upper class leisure, animals from a private zoo, beauty queens, or young wealthy children, she seeks to represent a fractured version of the images and situations that are traditionally understood to bring status and/or respect. Her experience growing up in the border has established in the way she views her subjects as well as the photographic practice itself, where she constantly looks for blurring lines between portraiture and documentary as well as explores the pulsating space between the perfect image and one that social studio photography could consider an error.

When producing work, Venegas believes in the relationship to the world via a camera as well as via her participation in situations over long periods of time. Anthropological curiosity and empathy are both essential elements of her practice. An important outcome for her work is printed and framed for gallery presentation, as well as in book form. She has published three books Maria Elvia de Hank (2010), Inedito (2012) and Gestus (2015), all by the editorial house RM.


Since 2009 Yvonne lives and works in Mexico City with her husband and two children.



Yvonne Venegas


Elaine Stocki


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Arthur Meyerson is recognized as one of America's finest photographers. Since 1974, this native Texan has traveled throughout the world, creating award winning advertising, corporate and editorial photographs, as well as an extensive body of fine art imagery. A three-time winner of Adweek's "Southwest Photographer of the Year" award, he is on Communication World's list of top 10 corporate photographers and was named one of the 30 best advertising photographers by American Photo.

His awards are numerous including gold medals from the New York Art Directors Club, the Art Directors Club of Houston, the Dallas Society of Visual Communications and the prestigious Stephen Kelly Award for his work on the Nike advertising campaign. He was selected by Nikon to their illustrious Legends Behind the Lens list and was honored by the Houston Advertising Federation as the inaugural recipient of the Only In Houston award for individuals “whose creativity and passion for his art have brought recognition to the city of Houston”. In 2008, the Houston Decorative Center named him as the first recipient of photography in their annual Stars Of Design celebration.

Besides his commercial work, Arthur’s fascination with light, color and the moment continues and has culminated into an impressive body of personal work as well and in 2012 culminated in his highly acclaimed book, The Color of Light. His photographs are in the public collections of several major institutions and have been exhibited internationally. He and his work have been profiled in many publications including Communication Arts, Rangefinder, Camera Arts, Graphis, Digital Photo Pro, Zoom (France), Portfolio, Idea (Japan), Novum (Germany), Photo World (China), and Fotodigital (Portugal).

A photographer with a strong commitment to his profession, Arthur teaches photography workshops, does individual mentoring and participates in speaking engagements throughout the U.S. and abroad. He is a member of the Advisory Council for the Santa Fe Center for Photography as well as serving on the Board of Advisors for the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and the Houston Center for Photography.



Arthur Meyerson


Ernst Haas


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Born in San Francisco, David Alan Harvey was raised in Virginia. He discovered photography at the age of 11. Harvey purchased a used Leica with savings from his newspaper route and began photographing his family and neighborhood in 1956.

When he was 20 he lived with and documented the lives of a black family living in Norfolk, Virginia, and the resulting book, Tell It Like It Is, was published in 1966. He was named Magazine Photographer of the Year by the National Press Photographers Association in 1978.

Harvey went on to shoot over forty essays for National Geographic magazine. He has covered stories around the world, including projects on French teenagers, the Berlin Wall, Maya culture, Vietnam, Native Americans, Mexico and Naples, and a recent feature on Nairobi.

He has published two major books, Cuba and Divided Soul, based on his extensive work on the Spanish cultural migration into the Americas, and his book Living Proof (2007) deals with hip-hop culture. His work has been exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Nikon Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Workshops and seminars are an important part of his life.

Harvey is founder and editor of the award-winning Burn magazine, featuring iconic and emerging photographers in print and online.

Harvey joined Magnum as a nominee in 1993 and became a full member in 1997. He lives in NC and NYC.



David Alan Harvey


Luc Delahaye


Carolyn Drake


Matt Black


Burn Magazine


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For the past 10 years, we've produced one of the best photography-related content in the form ofThe Candid Frame photography podcast. It has featured in-depth and insightful conversations with some of the world's best established and emerging photographers including Mary Ellen Mark, Matthew Jordan Smith, Douglas Kirkland, Reza, Maki Kawakita, Joe McNally and hundreds of others.

These conversations have provided insight and inspiration to people who are passionate about photography, whether professional or enthusiast. Regardless of genre, these conversations have provided inisght into what it takes to lead a creative life. 

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Lara Jo Regan'scareer as a photographer has been uncommon and diverse, achievingserious acclaim and respect across several disciplines.

With a background inanthropology, journalism, film and fine art, Regan's work combinespainterly aesthetics with closely behavioral studies and obliquesocial commentary, a signature style she has applied to everythingfrom impoverished Appalachians to the rich elite. Her interpretivedocumentary coverage of American culture has been regularlycommissioned and published by the world's leading magazines such asTime, Newsweek, Life, Premiere and Entertainment Weekly, among manyothers. She is the recipient of many of her field's highest honors,including the coveted World Press Photo of the Year.

Over the years, Regan hasproduced one of the most extensive collections of SouthernCalifornia photography in existence. Her current projects seek toreinvigorate the meditative and provocative nature of documentaryimages by pushing the tradition into new abstract, conceptual andsemi-cinematic realms - while still preserving documentaryphotography's essential function of inciting meaningful alternativecontemplation of the real world.

Ironically, Regan also becameknown for creating a cultural phenomenon as well as covering one,as the artist behind the Mr. Winkle photo collection thattransformed her otherworldly canine muse (a rescued stray canine)into an international cult icon featured in best-selling books,calendars, and collected artwork. This led to a deepening interestin animal photography, resulting in numerous other groundbreakingbooks on the topic, as well as curatorial projects.

Regan's work has been exhibitedthroughout the world and is part of many collections. Majorarticles about her work have appeared in dozens of prominentpublications worldwide such as The New York Times, USA Today andThe Los Angeles Times, and she has been a featured guest onnumerous television broadcasts including CNN, the BBC and the TodayShow.

Her latest book is titled Dog inCars.



Lara Jo Regan


Dogs in Cars OfficialWebsite


Roger Ballen


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