Roderick Lyons began his journey as a photographer while serving in Vietnam as a member of the Air Force. However, his desire to be a creative person and have unique experiences was born his his early years growing in South Los Angeles.

Inspired by the likes of Roy DeCarava and Gordon Parks, pursued his passion for photography in many forms which included portraiture, photojournalism and street photography.

His personal journey as a photographer has led him to take several different paths including work as a freelance photojournalist, as an editor and now as an adjunct professor of photography and journalism at Los Angeles Valley College in Southern California.  




Roderick Lyons


Aaron Bryant


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The beauty of the landscape is experienced in a unique and beautiful way when it is captured as a black and white photograph. Without the presence of color, the natural world is revealed using a very personal point of view, that of the photographer.. Shades of gray reveal the subtle nuances that are not immediately obvious when we see the world in full color. 


Photographer Gary Wagner began exploring this world on film using a large-format camera and chemistry, but he has embraced the flexibility and control that digital provides, especially with his black and white imagery. 


In his new book Digital Black and White Landscape Photography: Fine Art Techniques from Camera to Print, Gary shares how he sees a scene, captures it with his camera and uses post-processing to complete his vision. 




Gary Wagner


Michael Kenna


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The last nine years of producing The Candid Frame have included hundreds of special and memorable conversations with great photographers. It’s also provided me not only unique insight into what it means to pursue one’s passion for making photographs, but also what it means to make the choice to lead a creative life.

So, when my friend and fellow-photographer Bill Wadman posed the question as to what I’ve learned from all these conversations, we thought it a good idea to record our discussion and share it with you.

Bill Wadman is the cohost along with Jeffery Saddoris of On Taking Pictures, a weekly podcast that examines many of the idea and themes that we touch on The Candid Frame. I highly recommend their show. Check it out. I think you’ll like what you hear.





On Taking Pictures



William Wadman Website



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When it comes to portraits, people who are being their unique selves can result in the best photographs. In a world where digitally enhanced versions of ourselves are displayed everywhere, it’s refreshing to see images where real people are themselves. It’s made all the better when people who take pride in their uniqueness present themselves in front of the photographer’s lens.

Muir Vidler is a editorial/commercial photographer who makes the most of such opportunities in all of his work. You can see it showcased especially well in his project, Rebels Without a Pause where he photographs some of Britain’s aging rebels and Mavericks.

Vidler’s work possesses its own uniques by adeptly using color and setting to produce wonderful photographs. He is also a great example of a photographer who allows his curiosity to inspire his photography.




Muir Vidler



Mimi Mollica



The Candid Frame





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The culture of the Mississippi Delta is a wealthy one. Just as its land has been a rich source for cotton and soybean, the people of the Delta have been ripe for stories, both written and visual. Whether it’s William Faulkner with a typewriter or William Eggleston with his camera, each artist has proven the Delta as an endless source of inspiration. It’s a place that has lured many a photographer.

But it’s a place filled with contradictions. As rich as it is for the creative artist, the existence of poverty, economic disparity and the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow is not far behind. It makes it hard to idealize or demonize a place and its people. To know the place, you have to go deeper.

And that is what photographer, Magdalena Sole does in her book, New Delta Rising. It’s beautiful, stunning photographs provide an insightful view of the Delta, both good and bad. But most importantly, it allows the people in her images to tell their own stories in a collection of essays that compliments the photographs. If a book that reveal the soul of a place, this one is it.




Magdalena Website


Mary Ellen Mark Website


New Delta Rising (on Amazon)


The Candid Frame Website



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