Robert Fischer is a photographer and artist who once thought his life path would be that of a psychologist. Instead, he chose to lead a creative life as a painter, sculptor and a photographer. 

He appreciates that the camera provides him the opportunity to closely examine his skewed perspective of life, sexuality and personality. He sees himself really a painter that takes pictures.  He is often in pursuit of getting the image rather than the perfect photograph.

Robert Fischer was the subject of the 1999 documentary Original Schtick, which covered his 3-months collaborating with several Australian artists and fine-art galleries. It’s a fascinating exploration of fame, self-promotion, the business and fine-art world and what can be created thru being a force of personality and maybe some questionable ethics.

Robert Fischer’s new book of photography is Vignettes.



Robert Fischer


Irving Penn


Original Schtick Documentary

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A special announcement about changes coming to the 5th season of The Candid Frame podcast.

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Julia Dean is a photographer, educator, and the founder of the Julia Dean Photo Workshops. Julia received a Bachelor of Science degree in photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology and a Master of Arts degree in journalism at the University of Nebraska. She began her career as an apprentice to pioneering photographer Berenice Abbott. Later, Julia was a photo editor for the Associated Press in New York. She has taught for 29 years at such places as the University of Nebraska, Los Angeles Valley College, Los Angeles Southwest College, Santa Monica College, the Santa Fe Workshops, the Maine Photographic Workshops, Oxford University and the Julia Dean Photo Workshops.

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Michelle Turner is a successful destination wedding photographer. Her "funky and fashionable" shooting style has put her in a position of high-demand amongst her clients whose weddings take the photographer to stunning visual locations such as the Dominican Republic and Mexico. She is both a coveted national speaker and author and has published two books about fashionable wedding photography. She is an alumna of Georgetown University and worked on her Master’s at Dartmouth. She currently resides in Maine in the summer and spends most of the winter photographing weddings in Mexico and Central America. Her latest book is The Wedding Photography Field Guide - from Focal Press.,

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Scott Kelby is a photographer, writer and educator as well as the founder of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and the Kelby Media Group. He has helped tens of thousands of photographers learn photography and photo editing and has helped create the event which is Photoshop World., 

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Eric Kim and I am street photographer currently residing in Los Angeles. He specializes in black and white street photography, and have taken photos from all over the globe, including places such as Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Cinque Terre, Prague, London, and Korea. The images that you see in my work are mostly of candid street photography of people in their natural environments. He has a fantastic blog dedicated to street photography from all over the world as well as a series of YouTube interview in which he speaks and demonstrates his journey as a street photographer.,

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Alia Malley is a fine-art photographer who landscapes of Southern California reveal a different aspect of the City of Angels than is popularized in television and film. Her photographs capture the natural scenes that exist in the midst of urban sprawl, and make connections not only to the city's current populace but also to the people of the recent and the fast past who have called SoCal home. Her recent effort to publish a book of her series of images entitled "A Cavalier in Sight of a Village" resulted in a very successful attempt  of crowd-funding using Kickstarter.,

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