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Deanne Fitzmaurice  is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist  who is one of those photographers who is helping to redefine storytelling in the digital age. A former staffer for the San Francisco Chronicle she has created award winning stories with still images, but she is also on the forefront of using multimedia as an important photojournalistic tool. Her stories of a young Iraqi boy recovering from horrific wounds to the life of a young mother in a carnival, demonstrate both her keen sense of story and her sensitivity of the humanity of her subjects. www.thecandidframe.com, thecandidframe@gmail.com

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This is a special episode of The Candid Frame between myself and the Jeffery Saddoris, the co-creator of the Faded and Blurred website and podcast. In it we discuss the role we want photography to play in our lives and hope we might make that happen, which may include you. 

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Ralph Velasco is a professional travel photographer and workshop leader who has made exploring the world his passion. He created a unique niche for himself by creating and leading photographic tours and photowalks in the United States and abroad to serve his own personal passion for travel and image-making. His extensive experience negotiating different lands and cultures has helped him collect a wealth of knowledge, which he generously shares on his tours and classes. He brings a sensitivity and fun to an oft-practiced genre of photography, which is rooted in the desire to learn and create beautiful photographs.

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