Russell Preston Brown is a photographer who holds the unique position of educating photographers everywhere in the use of Photoshop. In his role as Senior Creative Director at Adobe, he has helped to teach people on the many creative possibilities available in this image-editing software. But it’s his role as guest-curator for the new exhibit, Digital Darkroom, which opens in December 2011 at the Annenberg Space for Photography that has inspired this conversation about an exceptional exhibit of photography.,

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Steve Simon is a photojournalist and documentary photographer who has traveled the world created stunning imagery of new events both big and small. He is a passionate educator and fine-artist as well as the author of The Passionate Photographer.,

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Michael Freeman is an editorial and commercial photographer as well as an author of numerous photographic books. He has traveled around the world making images, which he has shared with his clients and the many readers of his titles, which include The Photographer's Vision. The Photographer's Eye and Top Digital Photography Tips.,

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Ryan Libre is a documentary and travel photographer who focuses his concerned lens on the region of Southeast Asia. His work has been showcased in numerous galleries and he is the recipient of the 2010 Nikon Inspiration Award. He often works on his own self-assignments when not working on editorial or commercial assignments in Asia. You can discover more about him and his work by visiting his website at,

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RC Concepcion is Tampa/New York based photographer working as a Content Developer for Kelby Media Group, writer for Photoshop User Magazine, co-host of DTown TV. He is an Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom has over 10 years in the I.T. and e-commerce industry and spends his days developing content for all applications in the Adobe Creative Suite. He is the author of several best-selling books including Get Your Photography on the Web: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Show and Sell Your Work and the HDR Book: Unlocking the Pro's Hottest Post-Processing Techniques.

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Julia Dean is a photographer, educator, and the founder of the Julia Dean Photo Workshops. Julia received a Bachelor of Science degree in photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology and a Master of Arts degree in journalism at the University of Nebraska. She began her career as an apprentice to pioneering photographer Berenice Abbott. Later, Julia was a photo editor for the Associated Press in New York. She has taught for 29 years at such places as the University of Nebraska, Los Angeles Valley College, Los Angeles Southwest College, Santa Monica College, the Santa Fe Workshops, the Maine Photographic Workshops, Oxford University and the Julia Dean Photo Workshops.

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Michelle Turner is a successful destination wedding photographer. Her "funky and fashionable" shooting style has put her in a position of high-demand amongst her clients whose weddings take the photographer to stunning visual locations such as the Dominican Republic and Mexico. She is both a coveted national speaker and author and has published two books about fashionable wedding photography. She is an alumna of Georgetown University and worked on her Master’s at Dartmouth. She currently resides in Maine in the summer and spends most of the winter photographing weddings in Mexico and Central America. Her latest book is The Wedding Photography Field Guide - from Focal Press.,

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Scott Kelby is a photographer, writer and educator as well as the founder of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and the Kelby Media Group. He has helped tens of thousands of photographers learn photography and photo editing and has helped create the event which is Photoshop World., 

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Eric Kim and I am street photographer currently residing in Los Angeles. He specializes in black and white street photography, and have taken photos from all over the globe, including places such as Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Cinque Terre, Prague, London, and Korea. The images that you see in my work are mostly of candid street photography of people in their natural environments. He has a fantastic blog dedicated to street photography from all over the world as well as a series of YouTube interview in which he speaks and demonstrates his journey as a street photographer.,

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Alia Malley is a fine-art photographer who landscapes of Southern California reveal a different aspect of the City of Angels than is popularized in television and film. Her photographs capture the natural scenes that exist in the midst of urban sprawl, and make connections not only to the city's current populace but also to the people of the recent and the fast past who have called SoCal home. Her recent effort to publish a book of her series of images entitled "A Cavalier in Sight of a Village" resulted in a very successful attempt  of crowd-funding using Kickstarter.,

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William George Wadman is an editorial portrait photographer whose work regularly appears in TIME magazine, BusinessWeek, The New York Times, and La Monde to name just a few. His approach was developed by a personal 365 Project in which he created a portrait a day for a year, which he posted on his blog, which eventually drew much attention and helped create a presence for him as an up and coming photographer. Whether photographing the famous or the not-so-famous, he brings a straight-forward and interesting approach to images of people. 

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Noah Stephens is an up-and-coming photographer who created a fascinating personal project focusing on the citizens of the city of Detroit. The resulting portraits provides a unique perspective on the people and the lives of that city and has provided this young photographer some unexpected opportunities., 

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The Candid Frame #114 - Rick Nahmias

Rick Nahmias is a photographer, writer and visual storyteller whose work has been shown across North America, Europe, and Asia. He creates social-issue themed media projects for foundations, non-profits, corporations and cause-driven organizations. He also shoots freelance assignments with an emphasis on editorial, travel, medical and food subjects.

He is best known for documenting the lives and struggles of numerous marginalized communities. "Golden States of Grace: Prayers of the Disinherited," his traveling photographic, text and audio exhibit which documents eleven marginalized communities at prayer was recently published by University of New Mexico Press. His acclaimed body of work exploring California's agricultural workforce "The Migrant Project: Contemporary California Farm Workers" was published in 2008. Its companion exhibition has toured to over three dozen museums, universities, and cultural centers across the country.

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Richard Koci Hernande is a photojournalist and documentary photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His passion for visual storytelling began in his years as a staff photographer at the San Jose Mercury News and continues today in both his personal work and his collaboration with students, including those at the Graduate School of Journalism at U.C. Berkeley. His early embracing of multimedia was ahead of its time and provided him an opportunity to help define a storytelling which is still in its infancy. At his heart, he is in love with photography., 

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Andy and Mikey are the dynamic duo behind, a website and philosophy that brings an unconventional and humorous approach to street photography and portraiture. Their recent rise to frame was inspired by a viral video poking fun at pixel peeping, but it soon blossomed to a website, videos and workshops that share a fun and innovative approach to working with light and making amazing images of people. Their fast-increasing popularity is well deserved especially when you have a chance to look at their images. 

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The Candid Frame #111 - Aaron Huey

Aaron Huey is an American photojournalist and documentary photographer who is most widely known for his walk across America in 2002 and his work on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. He demonstrates a passion for his subject matter that goes well beyond merely documenting people and events with a camera. Very much on the vein of great photographers such as W. Eugene Smith, Huey uses his camera not only to create unforgetable imagery, but to raise a level of awareness on subject matter that he considers important and worthy of the attention of today's society.,

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Deanne Fitzmaurice  is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist  who is one of those photographers who is helping to redefine storytelling in the digital age. A former staffer for the San Francisco Chronicle she has created award winning stories with still images, but she is also on the forefront of using multimedia as an important photojournalistic tool. Her stories of a young Iraqi boy recovering from horrific wounds to the life of a young mother in a carnival, demonstrate both her keen sense of story and her sensitivity of the humanity of her subjects.,

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This is a special episode of The Candid Frame between myself and the Jeffery Saddoris, the co-creator of the Faded and Blurred website and podcast. In it we discuss the role we want photography to play in our lives and hope we might make that happen, which may include you. 

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Ralph Velasco is a professional travel photographer and workshop leader who has made exploring the world his passion. He created a unique niche for himself by creating and leading photographic tours and photowalks in the United States and abroad to serve his own personal passion for travel and image-making. His extensive experience negotiating different lands and cultures has helped him collect a wealth of knowledge, which he generously shares on his tours and classes. He brings a sensitivity and fun to an oft-practiced genre of photography, which is rooted in the desire to learn and create beautiful photographs.

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Gale Tattersal is a master cinematographer who caused quite a stir when he decided to photograph last year's season finale of the popular television show, House using 5D Mark IIs. His effective use of a camera originally intended to create stills for filming a full episode of a network television showcased how this technology continues to change and evolve. His years of experience behind the lens has provided him great insight into the use of light, composition, movement and time. While many focus on the technology itself, Gale Tattersal is a big proponent for using these new capabilities to improve our ability to tell stories whether they find a home on a television, computer or even a mobile phone. He has recently been honored as a Canon Explorer of Light

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Lou Manna is a renowned commercial food photographer based in New York City. For over thirty years, he has produced beautiful and effective photographs of every type of food imaginable, earning him a reputation as the one of the finest practitioners of his craft, because of his nuanced use of color and light. An Olympus Visionary as well as the author of the best-selling book, Digital Food Photography he continues to produce images for his commercial clients as well for over forty cookbooks. 

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William Albert Allard is a National Geographic photographer who is among of my personal favorite shooters. His work pushes the limits of what photographers think they can do with light and color, all the while creating images that tell amazing stories. His monographs on the photo essay as well as his classic photo stories on minor league baseball, the Hutterite community and blues musicians are classics and his work continues to provide inspiration for generations of photographers. A recent adopter to digital image making, he continues to explore the possibilities of what can be captures with a camera.

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