Lou Manna is a renowned commercial food photographer based in New York City. For over thirty years, he has produced beautiful and effective photographs of every type of food imaginable, earning him a reputation as the one of the finest practitioners of his craft, because of his nuanced use of color and light. An Olympus Visionary as well as the author of the best-selling book, Digital Food Photography he continues to produce images for his commercial clients as well for over forty cookbooks. 

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William Albert Allard is a National Geographic photographer who is among of my personal favorite shooters. His work pushes the limits of what photographers think they can do with light and color, all the while creating images that tell amazing stories. His monographs on the photo essay as well as his classic photo stories on minor league baseball, the Hutterite community and blues musicians are classics and his work continues to provide inspiration for generations of photographers. A recent adopter to digital image making, he continues to explore the possibilities of what can be captures with a camera.

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