Rachelle Steele is a Master Photographer based out of Northern California. She is most known for dynamic black and white environmental portraiture and her ability to fill a single frame with design elements of intense storytelling and passionate compositions. Her unique background brings depth and power to her images, communicating something from the eye, heart, and mind.

After 9 years in the US Navy, Rachelle circled back to her original love and has been pursuing black and white photography ever since. On the eternal quest for the human spirit, she is most alive behind the lens. Earning both her BFA and MA from the Academy of Art University, her works have been exhibited near and far including Rome, Kathmandu, Morocco, John Wayne Airport, Bowers Museum, and The International Photography Hall of Fame. As an Eddie Adams XXXIII Alumni, Rachelle had the honor of winning the  Herman P. Wall Memorial Award for her series “Drifter”. Having been awarded the title of “International Portrait Photographer of the Year, Top 101” for 2021, 22, and 23 has allowed Rachelle to dive even deeper into her dreams and goals as she quests for adventure and conversations with the unknown viewer.


Rachelle Steele


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