Celebrated photographer Matthew Jordan Smith has worked with some of the top names in entertainment today including Haile Berry, Jennifer Connelly, Jamie Fox, Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey. 

Matthew’s love of photography and people stretches far beyond his commissioned work and has given birth to several personal projects including two books. The first book entitled Lost and Found and sponsored by Microsoft focuses on missing and exploited children and is endorsed by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. His other book includes Sepia Dreams which features portraits and interviews with accomplished African Americans. 

A native of New York City, Matthew has taught at the prestigious School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. He is also an active volunteer with several art schools including Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design and RIT. He is a board member of Kids with a Cause Europe and APA/LA.






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With Effortless Beauty, Julie DuBose brings a new perspective to photography. She talks in an intimate way not just about how we express our experience with our camera, but about a whole new and fresh way to experience our visual world altogether. She guides us through the process of seeing without our usual habitual ways of experiencing what we see, so that we can have vivid, mind-stopping visual perceptions, and express those perceptions exactly as we see them. 

Julie DuBose has been a practitioner of Miksang Contemplative Photography since 1998.  She studied with Michael Wood, the founder of the Miksang Training course of study and practice, and began teaching courses with him in 2005. Together they have developed the Miksang Training curriculum and have taught in North America and Europe.

In 2009 Julie co-founded The Miksang Institute for Contemplative Photography in Boulder, Colorado. In addition to courses held in various locations in the US and Canada, each summer The Miksang Institute hosts a three week intensive course of study on the principles and practice of contemplative photography. 

Miksang Publications was founded in 2010 to produce print and digital books on the practice of Miksang Contemplative Photography and related art forms. Effortless Beauty is the first offering of Miksang Publications.







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Rob Lutter is a  photographer, designer & writer from England. In 2011 he left his home in London to begin a photographic journey & global expedition attempt to cycle around the world. He  put the UK film industry behind him to embark on a creative, physical & psychological adventure across 4 world continents & more than 40 countries. His passion is in discovering & creating stories through film, word or photography & his  work aims to capture unique cultures & landscapes, to learn from them & share their lives & his  own with the world, inspiring others through tales of human endeavor.

This journey is many things. Primarily, it’s a photographic & literary travel project that aims to tell a universal story, about the need for change, adventure & happiness. Secondly, it’s a charity event that aims to raise £20,000 for mental health organisations – for every mile cycled a pound can be raised to help others struggling through life, as he has & still is, troubled by the mind. The trip is also just sheer escape – a way out of the office, out of the routines & constraints of daily life. A chance to create a fresh start & a name for himself in an unusual, exciting, cheap & unpredictable way. The unknown is a place where good things can happen, where something at all can happen.




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Born in Paris in 1928 to Russian parents, Elliott Erwitt spent his childhood in Milan, then emigrated to the US, via France, with his family in 1939. As a teenager living in Hollywood, he developed an interest in photography and worked in a commercial darkroom before experimenting with photography at Los Angeles City College. In 1948 he moved to New York and exchanged janitorial work for film classes at the New School for Social Research.

Erwitt traveled in France and Italy in 1949 with his trusty Rolleiflex camera. In 1951 he was drafted for military service and undertook various photographic duties while serving in a unit of the Army Signal Corps in Germany and France.

While in New York, Erwitt met Edward Steichen, Robert Capa and Roy Stryker, the former head of the Farm Security Administration. Stryker initially hired Erwitt to work for the Standard Oil Company, where he was building up a photographic library for the company, and subsequently commissioned him to undertake a project documenting the city of Pittsburgh.

In 1953 Erwitt joined Magnum Photos and worked as a freelance photographer for Collier's, Look, Life, Holiday and other luminaries in that golden period for illustrated magazines. To this day he is for hire and continues to work for a variety of journalistic and commercial outfits.

In the late 1960s Erwitt served as Magnum's president for three years. He then turned to film: in the 1970s he produced several noted documentaries and in the 1980s eighteen comedy films for Home Box Office. Erwitt became known for benevolent irony, and for a humanistic sensibility traditional to the spirit of Magnum. 






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