Joe Aguirre is a San Francisco based photographer currently spending his time focused on personal documentary and lyrical narrative projects. Joe lives among his subjects; he uses the street aesthetic to create candid, nude, and conceptual portraiture.  Dividing his time between art and street photography, Joe is searching for a way to communicate his work to the world in a singular presentation.




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TCF Ep. 266 - Natalia Martinez & Bill Parsons

Bill Parsons and Natalia Martinez are the team behind Northern California-based Photo Lab Pet Photography and Design Lab Creative Studio (soon to be merged into The Labs & Co.).

With a shared passion for animals, their work centers around photographing them in a natural environment and letting their individuality shine. They work with commercial and private clients and volunteer services to shelters and rescue organizations as proud members of HeARTs Speak. They are honored to be favorites of a variety of companies, organizations and publications including Bark Magazine. 

They live in Petaluma, California, supported by their two dogs and two cats. 




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TCF Ep. 265 - Kale Friesen

Kale Friesen was born into the expansive vistas of Saskatchewan in 1981. At a very young age Kale became immersed in art and knew that he was destined to work in the arts. Kale spent his entire youth painting, drawing and playing music, and it wasn’t until he discovered photography that Kale understood how best he could realize his aesthetic vision. 

In 2001 Kale headed west to Vancouver BC where he continued my love of arts, music and skateboarding. 

A hunger to see the world and be inspired, Kale moved to Paris, France in 2006 to focus on his artistic pursuits. After visiting the Fondation Cartier-Bresson on a summer afternoon in 2007 he knew in that instant that the only thing he wanted to do was make photographs. The people and architecture of Paris became Kale’s photography school. 

While in living in Europe Kale began shooting on the streets of Paris every day and traveling to abandoned spaces in France and Belgium, experimenting with Fine Art photography and street photography. 

After returning to Vancouver in 2009 Kale changed direction and photographic focus on fashion photography and portraiture. The genius and originality of photographers of Helmut Newton, Nick Knight and Solve Sundsbo opened Kale’s mind and guided his path towards becoming a fashion photographer.

Kale photographs emote a somber mood with a strong sense of colour, design and movement. 

Kale currently lives and works in Vancouver, BC as a fashion, beauty photographer, and still carries a camera every day. 



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