The Candid Frame #100 - Eli Reed

Eli Reed is a photographer who has established a reputation for compassionate and beautiful documentary and photo-journalistic work. Whether he's photographing in a war zone, a Hollywood sound stage or a neighborhood convenience store, he consistently produces imagery that is striking, beautiful and memorable. A member of the of legendary Magnum photographer collective and an Olympus Visionary, he continues to produce important work as well as passing on his experience and knowledge of photography as a professor at the University of Texas at Austin. You can discover more about Eli and his work by visiting his website.

Eli recommends the work of John Isaac, who was actually the very first guest on this show. You can discover some of John's work by visiting his website and listen to our conversation by clicking here.

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Photo by Rex Lisman on Flickr.
The thing about this image I like is that Rex was undoubtedly drawn here by the quality and reflection of the light. It's a wonderful example how paying attention to the light itself can lead one to make an image that most people would miss entirely. Great images are not just in front of us at eye-level. 
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Frederick Van Johnson is a professional photographer and host of the popular podcast, This Week in Photography (TWIP). He provides an important voice in the world of image-making in his many roles, not least of which is educating photographer are the importance of marketing and taking full advantage of social networking. His continued efforts in the photographic industry have helped photographers from all over the world discover how to not only make better images, but to create opportunities for themselves and their work. You can discover more of his work by visiting his website as well as listen to him every week on TWIP.

Frederick Van Johnson recommends the work of Greg Gorman. You can listen to our interview with Greg by clicking here.

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Join me and Chris Marquardt of Tips from the Top Floor for a live chat, discussing hot news in photography and even our response to questions posted live in the chat. It's an experiment of sorts and we welcome you to participate.

Join at 1pm (Pacific) at the following URL:

Hope to see some of you there.
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Photo by Patrick on Flickr.
The colors are great, but what I really like about this image is the repetition of the frame within the frame within the frame. This also a great example of the use of negative space to make the heart of the image even stronger.
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