TCF Ep. 246 - Andi Schreiber

Andi Schreiber is a fine art and documentary photographer.  A lifelong New Yorker, Andi was born in Brooklyn, raised on Long Island and currently lives in suburban Westchester County with her husband and sons.

 In her prior life she was a photojournalist and also worked as a magazine and newspaper picture editor in New York City.  In 2013 Andi was a Critical Mass finalist and her photographs were recently exhibited at Newspace Center for Photography in Portland, Oregon.  Her work has been featured on the New York Times Lens Blog, Slate France, Feature Shoot and The Huffington Post.





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TCF Ep. 245 - Patrick Joust

Patrick Joust lives in Baltimore with his wife Amy and his son Llewelyn. Born in Oroville, California, Patrick has gone back and forth between both coasts of the United States, before settling permanently in Baltimore in 2006 where he works as a reference librarian. He takes pictures whenever he can.

The people and places of Baltimore have played a central role in his photography, influencing how and where he points his camera both within and outside the city limits.

During the day he can often be found engaging Baltimore’s people on the streets, while at night he enjoys capturing urban/suburban landscapes and scenes.


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TCF Ep. 244 - Jo Farrell

Jo Farrell is an award-winning black and white documentary photographer and culture anthropologist, born in London, England. Her work has been published in numerous places including: the BBC news website, SilkRoad (Cathay Pacific), Huffington Post, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Time Out HK, Creative Quarterly, and 50 other publications that can be viewed on her website Her latest interview was with CNN on her Living History project. Awards include: Black & White Spider Award, Women in Photography Award, Centre for Fine Art Photography, and a Jacob Riis Award. Her work has been exhibited in London, New York, LA, Hong Kong, Denver CO and San Francisco. Each silver gelatin print is a limited edition piece.



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TCF Ep. 243 - Jay Bartlett

Jay Bartlett is a Los Angeles-based commercial photographer who has been shooting for over 10 years. A grass-roots photographer who in his early stages of his career pounded the pavement by cold calling and doing door to door advertising for new prospective clients. 

He started out during his last year of his enlistment in the U.S. Airforce taking battlefield pictures while on active duty in Desert Shield. Honorably discharged, he then worked for a medical company honing his business skills for several years before he decided to go and launch his commercial photography business 5 years ago. 

His attention to detail and his ability to create a positive client experience is why his current clients and the new continue to pursue his work. His lighting is very clean, technical. and distinctive to what we see in the commercial industry of images.  

Today he fills his calendar by shooting environmental portraits and clothing for editorial, advertising, and fashion accounts and have worked for such illustrious commercial and corporate clients as Triumph Motorcycles, Harley Davidson, Home Shopping Network, and Margaritaville Apparel Group. He is also the go to person for a sports management firm who represents top sports professionals in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB today. 



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