Kirk Tuck is an Austin-based commercial photographer, author and creator of the popular photography blog, The Visual Science Lab. His photographic business has served numerous clients including IBM, Dell, Texas Monthly Magazine, The Arts Council of Texas and Time Warner. He is also the author of several books on photography and the business of photography including Minimalist Lighting and the Commercial Photography Handbook published by Amherst Press. You can discover more about Kirk and his work by visiting his website and his blog. 

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Alison Turner was born and raised in Southern California. She learned early on that freedom consisted of long family road trips in a wood paneled station wagon. After college graduation, she started her journey of climbing the corporate ladder thinking it would lead me to a better life.

 Years passed by and I as she made it to the top steps of the ladder, she wasn’t fulfilled.  Instead, she felt trapped and uninspired.  She decided to give it all up to find her creative soul that was lost along the way. In order to do that, she packed up everything she needed in her car and began to wander across the United States looking for something.  What she found was a new appreciation of what is important in life.  Shy by nature, having a camera is her excuse to talk to strangers.  Because of meeting and talking to strangers, she has met the most interesting folks and has had the chance to do things all because of holding a camera, smiling and saying “hello.”

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In this episode of The Candid Frame, Ibarionex shares some insights he's learned from the many interviews that he's conducted for the podcast, books and magazine articles. He shares how he's come to see his own creativity through the practices of some of the world's best photographers.

He discusses the idea how he has come to face fear, anxiety and self-doubt when it comes to taking on new projects.

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Martine Roch was in mid-life, living in Dijon, France, when she started getting serious about photography. It was 2004, and she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She dove into photography and Photoshop to take her mind off the disease. She was passionate about her new art form and learned quickly.

One day, while looking at a daguerreotype of a 19th-century lady that she had scanned into Photoshop, Roch looked down at her dog, a golden Labrador Retriever named Boudi. Suddenly, something clicked in her head.

“Let’s try to dress you as a lady,” she said aloud.

And thus was a career born. Roch created dozens of these whimsical hybrids, 

then started posting them on the social-networking site Flickr. They became an immediate Internet sensation. A French publisher asked if she would license her photos for reproduction on notebooks and postcards. Soon, a German publisher came calling. Today, her notebooks and postcards are sold worldwide.

People don’t give animals enough credit for being intelligent, Roch believes.

“They think animals are like objects,” Roch says, “but they have feelings and emotions. They have their own way of thinking and reacting to what they see and feel.”

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Matt Blum (lead photographer) and Katy Kessler (editor/art director), 31, live and work in Minneapolis, MN. Matt started the Nu Project in 2005, and Katy became the project editor in 2009. To date, it includes 150 women from North and South America. This fall, they will travel to Spain and Portugal to photograph more volunteers in their homes.To participate, sign up at To find out more about Matt + Katy's work please visit

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