Scott Stulberg is a passionate photographer whose enthusiasm for the craft comes across in his images and his teaching at Better Photo and UCLA Extension. Specializing in travel photography, Scott's image are intimate documents of his travels and the people he encounters. Represented by the stock agency, Corbis, his images have been published throughout the world. You can view his work by visiting his website.

Scott Stulberg recommends the work of Melvin Sokolsky.

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Tony Sweet is nature photographer who brings the improvisational and abstract nature of his former jazz career to his photography.

He is represented by The Getty Picture Agency and conducts his “Visual Artistry” photography workshops throughout the continental United States as well as classes through Better Photo. He has also authored three books on the art of photography: Fine Art Nature Photography, Fine Art Flower Photography, and Fine Art Nature Photography: Water, Ice, Fog (Jan. 2007). He has also been recognized as Nikon Legend Behind the Lens.

You can find his work by visiting his website.

Tony Sweet recommends the work of Pat O'Hara.

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Daniel Milnor specializes in long-term, black and white documentary work relating to a variety of topics including, Sicilian Easter Processions, Big-Wave Surfing, Portuguese Bloodless Bullfighting, California Off-Highway Vehicular Recreation Parks, Exotic Game Ranches as well as Los Angeles Urbanization. He has worked in the newspaper and magazine fields and was a photographer specialist for Eastman Kodak Company. He was recently featured on and was a finalist for the 2003 Honickman First Book Prize in Documentary Photography for his work in Sicily.

In this episode he discusses his documentary and wedding/portraiture work.

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Daniel recommends the works of Duane Michals.
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