TCF Ep. 255 - Hugo Passarello Luna

Hugo Passarello Luna is a photographer and a multimedia journalist. His "Unexpected Photo Essay on Cortazar, his readers and Paris" was exhibited in several locations in Paris and was mentioned by media all over Latin America. The story is a series of portraits taken in Paris of friends and readers of Argentine writer, Jorge Cortazar. The project seeks to create a hopscotch of images that weaves together the personal stories of participants with Cortazar and Paris.

Each of the participants had to choose a passage of the book Hopscotch that mentions a place in Paris. Passarello then photographed them in the chosen site and asked them to briefly explain why they preferred it over others.

He transforms the traditional photo essay into a participative and playful project, where the people portrayed and the audience get to write and rewrite the story by playing around with the images.




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TCF Ep. 254 - Ryan Muirhead

Ryan Muirhead is a portrait and fashion photographer who has created a unique and consistent body of work that is born as a normal extension of his life. As dedicated shooter of film, his photographs that take full advantage of the medium for a distinctive and very personal look. 

He was one of a trio of photographers that were profiled in the Film web-series, which was one of the best produce series revolving around photography. It helped to create a greater awareness of Ryan's work as well provide him some important opportunities that have helped transform his career.  




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Kevin Mullins is a Wiltshire wedding photographer who practices a black and white documentary photography style. Since 2007, he has developed a successful business based on a clear vision of his personal approach to photography. He is busy photographing weddings in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Kevin’s photography has earned him numerous awards including honors from The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP), Society of Wedding Portrait Photographers and the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalist Association. He is also an in-demand speaker as well as conducts workshops on wedding photojournalism. 



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Ralph Gibson is a photographer whose high-contrast images are recognized for their exploration of the geometric forms and the human gesture. He apprenticed with Dorothea Lange and Robert Frank, but he has created his own singular vision which often moves beyond the traditions of documentary and portraiture.

He has produced numerous books of his photography starting with his classic The Somnambulist, which have helped define his particular vision. It has also inspired many photographers to see books as the means by which they can control and further their own unique passion for photography. His recent book, Mono marks the photographer’s earliest explorations with digital photography after years of producing his signature body of work on film.

A current exhibition of his work is on exhibit on exhibit at the Leica Gallery LA thru October 26th, 2014. 



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