A professional photographer for more than a decade, Robert L. Cunningham has photographed 9 heads of state, 12 prime ministers, 3 governors, multiple astronauts, cosmonauts, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, renowned actors, musicians, and professional race car drivers, as well as service members from 15 different nations. His work has taken him aboard underway US Navy submarines, into zero-gravity in low earth orbit, and to more than 450 cities in 25 countries. The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum features a permanent display of his work. He has documented 132 missions as an embed photographer with the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. He currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.






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Cheryl Dunn is a documentary filmmaker and photographer who was born in New Jersey and graduated from Rutgers University with a BFA in Art History. After moving to NYC in the mid 80's, she spent a large part of her career documenting city streets; and the people who strive to leave their mark there from graffiti writers, artists, skaters, boxers, bikers, protesters, and assorted characters. 

In the late 90's she began to focus on filmmaking, creating classic films about artists of her generation who have influenced the realities of urban life through their own work. Her films have played at numerous film festivals including, Tribeca, Edinburgh, Rotterdam, Hotdocs, Los Angeles, Havana, and on PBS. Her work has been exhibited in various galleries and museums including The Tate Modern in London, Deitch Projects in New York, and the “Art in the Streets "exhibition at the Geffen Contemporary MOCA. Cheryl was one of the subjects in the documentary, book, & traveling museum exhibition "Beautiful Losers". She has had two books of her photographs published; Bicycle Gangs of New York, and Some Kinda Vocation. 

Her  feature documentary “Everybody Street, New york City“ is about photographers who have used New York City streets as a major subject in their work, world-premiered at HotDocs in Toronto in spring 2013. The film includes legends of the field including Bruce Davidson, Jill Freedman, Joel Meyerowitz, Bruce Gilden, Mary Ellen Mark, Jamel Shabazz, Ricky Powell, Martha Cooper, Elliot Erwitt, Rebecca Lepkoff, Boogie, Clayton Patterson, Jeff Mermelstein with Max Kozloff and Luc Santé. 







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Deborah Sandidge is a professional photographer specializing in travel and freelance work.  Deborah enjoys sharing her insight and creative ideas through workshops, seminars and writing. She is highly respected for her ability to simplify challenging technical issues for her students and workshop/seminar attendees. 

Deborah is frequently requested as a guest speaker for her unique ability to blend both the technical and artistic aspects of photography, and to enthusiastically share her knowledge with others.  She is the author of Digital Infrared Photography, published by Wiley. Deborah teaches long exposure creativity, infrared photography, and creative techniques for the passionate photographer.









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Ellen Jacob is a photographer and artist. Her work focuses on people and their relationships that powerfully affect life and largely go unnoticed. Her images are about the things that seem natural but aren't.

Ellen started her career as an art director for the advertising agencies BBDO and Grey. She was a creative lead in children’s publishing and head of her own book design and packaging company, creating books and apps for HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster and many others. Her work has been recognized by the Society of Publication Designers, the Art Director’s Club, the Webby Awards and other organizations. 

Ellen is the recipient of a Ford Foundation Grant and a Silver Gavel Award from the American Bar Association. Her photography has been featured on the Voice of America, Slate, Huffington Post, The Daily Mail and appeared in Harvard’s Nieman Reports, selected by The Center for Fine Art Photography juried Family show, selected by f-stop documentary juried issue, and been highlighted as a Jen Beckman HotShot Contender. She holds a BFA with honors from Pratt Institute.

Ellen exhibits at the Soho Photo Gallery and lives in New York City.







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TCF Ep. 222 - Dennis Manarchy

Dennis Manarchy was raised in Rockford, Illinois. He grew a love for photography at an early age and won a scholarship to Rochester Institute of Technology. Upon graduation he was fortunate to serve an apprenticeship for legendary photographer, Irving Penn. It was a highly disciplined and uncompromising environment. Penn became simultaneously a mentor due to his amazing talent and meticulous nature, and a nemesis because it took years for Dennis to break from his influence and develop his own style.

Dennis was drafted in the army in 1968. After serving as Lieutenant in the Vietnam War, he returned home disillusioned. He met a Lumbee Indian chief in a North Caroline bookstore, and after sharing his story he was invited to move in with the Tribe. Dennis spent 6 months readjusting while immersing himself in their daily life. It was a pivotal experience.





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