Andy and Mikey are the dynamic duo behind, a website and philosophy that brings an unconventional and humorous approach to street photography and portraiture. Their recent rise to frame was inspired by a viral video poking fun at pixel peeping, but it soon blossomed to a website, videos and workshops that share a fun and innovative approach to working with light and making amazing images of people. Their fast-increasing popularity is well deserved especially when you have a chance to look at their images. 

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The Candid Frame #111 - Aaron Huey

Aaron Huey is an American photojournalist and documentary photographer who is most widely known for his walk across America in 2002 and his work on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. He demonstrates a passion for his subject matter that goes well beyond merely documenting people and events with a camera. Very much on the vein of great photographers such as W. Eugene Smith, Huey uses his camera not only to create unforgetable imagery, but to raise a level of awareness on subject matter that he considers important and worthy of the attention of today's society.,

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