Stephan Oberhoff is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer and composer living in Los Angeles, CA. Initially, Stephan came to the US in 1991 to study Jazz at the prestiguous Grove School of Music in Van Nuys, California. The planned original 1-year period of musical sabbatical and break from cranking out commercials and documentary film scores, however, expanded into Stephan's -now 18 year- stay in L.A.

During the earlier segment of his career in Germany as a composer and producer of numerous TV commercials and documentary film scores, he became Co-recipient of several Commercial and Documentary Awards. He has collaborated and produced work with such talent as Melissa Manchester, Dianna Ross and Brenda Russell. You can discover more about Stephan and his music by visiting his website.

Stephan Oberhoff recommends the work of Brad Mehldau.

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Photo of Stephan Oberhoff courtesy of Paul Lawrence.
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