Varina Patel is a nature and landscape photographer who believes that there is nothing more remarkable than the power of nature. Along with her husband and fellow photographer, Jay Patel, she explores the natural world whether it’s the expansive landscape or the stunning details of the macro world. She is generous in sharing her passion for photography via workshops, e-books and her blog.

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Robert Larson is a freelance photographer and writer living in Los Angeles. He is working on a long-term project entitled, Waiting for Haiti. In this self-assigned photo project, he is documenting the continuing impact of the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti. 

In his blog, he writes about the stories behind the images in his project as well as speaking frankly about the challenges, he's faced trying to start a career as a photographer. You can discover more about Robert and his work by visiting his portfolio website and the Waiting for Haiti website. You can also discover more by visiting his blog

Robert Larson recommends the work of David Carol

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Jacquelyn Martin is a staff photojournalist with the Associated Press, Washington DC bureau, where she covers a diverse range of topics from the President and Congress to the National Spelling Bee and the Occupy movement. 

Her work has been honored with awards from the White House News Photographer’s Association, NPPA, and the Women Photojournalists of Washington (WPOW), a non-profit that educates the public about the work of female photojournalists, where she has served as Secretary and Vice President.

When not on assignment for the AP she can be found around the world working on personal projects, or salsa dancing.

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Bruce Dorn  has enjoyed a rich and varied career as a Director, Cameraman, and Photographer, his formal training is in Design. Bruce spent four years as an Associate Professor of Design at Indiana University where he taught advanced courses in both Photography and Design.

As a Mechanical Designer, Bruce has earned acclaim as a builder of custom motorcycles and racing cars. His efforts have been featured in mainstream enthusiast magazines such as Hot Bike and Hot Rod. Insiders credit Bruce with the inspiration of the hugely popular Harley Davidson Fat Boy that appeared shortly after one of his clients, Willie G. Davidson, spent hours pouring over the details of one of Bruce’s pet projects.

Bruce who is also a Canon Explorer of Light has also designed accessories for using HDSLRs for video. Under the IDC Photo Video brand, the products are the result of his relentless pursuit of minimalist functionality.

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