Rob Lutter is a  photographer, designer & writer from England. In 2011 he left his home in London to begin a photographic journey & global expedition attempt to cycle around the world. He  put the UK film industry behind him to embark on a creative, physical & psychological adventure across 4 world continents & more than 40 countries. His passion is in discovering & creating stories through film, word or photography & his  work aims to capture unique cultures & landscapes, to learn from them & share their lives & his  own with the world, inspiring others through tales of human endeavor.

This journey is many things. Primarily, it’s a photographic & literary travel project that aims to tell a universal story, about the need for change, adventure & happiness. Secondly, it’s a charity event that aims to raise £20,000 for mental health organisations – for every mile cycled a pound can be raised to help others struggling through life, as he has & still is, troubled by the mind. The trip is also just sheer escape – a way out of the office, out of the routines & constraints of daily life. A chance to create a fresh start & a name for himself in an unusual, exciting, cheap & unpredictable way. The unknown is a place where good things can happen, where something at all can happen.

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