TCF Ep. 249 - Michael Grecco

Michael Grecco is an award-winning and internationally renowned photographer of celebrity portraits, advertising and editorial commissions, private collections and fine art. 

One of the most sought-out visual storytellers in the world, his artistic conceptual vision and signature dramatic lighting create incomparable distinctive images that are famously dramatic, evocative, sophisticated, ironic and comedic.  Known for his high-concept imagery, Grecco is also famed for his innate ability to connect with each subject. 

On the pulse point of still and motion technology and innovation, Grecco is a regular expert and celebrated speaker on creativity, photography and his signature lighting and directorial technique worldwide. Having been termed a "Master of Light" by his peers, Grecco wholeheartedly admits his fascination with light and its effect on each and every photograph he takes. "Light is something that I've studied, played with, and have been captivated by for decades. I find magic in its qualities. I have an immense passion for 'molding light' in order to create the shot that immortalizes a moment and induces an emotion. A reaction."

Michael Grecco is based in Los Angeles. In his rare spare time, he can be found hanging with his three fantastic children, friends and fellow photographers, collaborating with others or exploring his hometown subcultures on his vintage Triumph motorcycle. 


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