TCF Ep. 242 - Damon Casarez

Damon Casarez is an emerging documentary and portrait photographer based in Los Angeles county. His recent project, "Boomerang Kids," that was pitched to the New York Times Magazine, has brought up a lot of conversation about the factors recent college graduates face as soon as they leave school. The cinematic environmental portraits put a face to the stories of thousands of recent college grads who are buried in student loan debt and cannot support themselves, something he went through himself after leaving school. His personal projects are often

Damon graduated from Art Center College of Design in August of 2012, where he had a very rigorous and technical photography education, which he applied to his conceptual projects about his suburban upbringing. Most of his education in commercial photography would be learned while interning for a photo agency and under a photo editor, where he was taught about the business and marketing side of photography as well as seeing the inner workings of a magazine. While in school and after school, he began assisting under commercial and editorial photographers in L.A. while taking editorial assignments and marketing his work. His assignments appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Pacific Standard Magazine.


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