Nicholas Pinto (b. 1979) is an Italian-American photographer based in Chicago, IL.

As a street and documentary photographer, his work explores topics of cultural and social awareness, poverty, and mental health issues. Capturing moments in time as a visual story-teller Pinto uses these projects to shine a light on the difficulties of living, and to give a face to it that many don’t see.

He served three Years in the United States Army and completed his BA in Photography from Columbia College in Chicago. He currently teaches Street Photography Workshops for Leica Akademie North America and has exhibited his photos around the United States at the Leica Gallery in Bellevue Seattle, The History of Miami Museum, The Rangefinder Gallery in Chicago, and the Leica Gallery in Washington D.C.

He is a member of the NPPA, Leica Historical Society, and recently gave a keynote speech about his work at the 50th anniversary of the LHSA.


Nicholas Pinto

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