Olaf Sztaba first picked up a camera thirty-five years ago. Since then his passion for “seeing” has become a lifetime journey with photography.

This journey started in communist Poland where Olaf spent his childhood. The dreary, utilitarian era helped him to sharpen his senses in search of things uncommon and simple. In 1996 Olaf called Canada his new home.

The grand vistas of British Columbia further opened his visual horizons and need for seeing. A dramatic illness nearly took his life but gave Olaf the courage to pursue photography full time. It also provoked a different way of seeing the world.

Olaf has been an early adopter of the Fuji X-series line of cameras and lenses, with the X100/S/T rangefinder-style remaining his favourite creative tool. In 2011, Olaf started a popular blog, http://www.olafphotoblog.com, which discusses creativity, inspiration, travel and fine art photography plus the X-series cameras and lenses. He’s also a founder of Simplicity-In-Seeing– a subscription-based educational and mentoring platform dedicated to the art of seeing.

Today, Olaf spends most of his time writing and photographing in the field, minimizing the time spent in front of a computer. He is a sought-after speaker and educator, currently working on a series of books about creativity and his personal approach to image creation.

Olaf lives in Coquitlam, British Columbia with his wife Kasia, his son Olivier and their furry four-legged companion, Bailey.



Olaf Sztaba

Trent Parke

Olaf Sztaba's book, Seeing Simplified



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