Bruce Smith is a master fine-art nude, high-fashion and glamour photographer as well as a long-time friend of the show. For decades, he has produced amazing work for commercial and editorial clients from all over the world including some of the most popular and recognized fashion brands in bridal wear and swimwear.

Inspired by the phrase, a picture is worth a thousands words, Bruce went through his archive of images to produce a new book 130K, a collection of 130 of his best and most iconic photographs.

The books is more than just a retrospective of his work. He saw it as a personal exploration of his own creative life, to assess not just the quality of the work, but to see what all the sacrifices both professional and personal had resulted in.

His work on the book provided us an opportunity to talk about not only the editing process, but also examine how a photographer, especially a professional photographer of so many years, assesses his work and his career and his life.

Bruce Smith has recently moved to France from England, where he continues to work for his clients, as well as teach a new generation of fashion and beauty photographers through his hands-on workshops.


Below are our previous conversations Bruce Smith


The Candid Frame #16 - Bruce Smith


The Candid Frame #146 - Bruce Smith



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