SARA JANE BOYERS is a California fine art photographer who, after successful careers in both the music and publishing industries, has returned to a serious focus on her photography.  In her work Boyers searches for that iconic element of ordinary experience that defines the whole, choosing to render it subtly and with a sense of beauty that is provocative and demanding. 

FINDING CHINATOWN: An American Story, showcasing her decade+ exploration of the Chinatowns of the United States & Canada had a solo exhibition at the Craig Krull Gallery in Los Angeles and was critically acclaimed.  GRIDLOCK, a series of photographs shot from Boyers' car window while stuck in traffic, was recently exhibited at the Leica Gallery Los Angeles. Other work has been included in museums, galleries and photo festivals including a GETTY PST exhibition at the Vincent Price Art Museum; Western Australia's FOTOFREO Biennial; DESIGN/REACTION at the Pasadena Museum of California Museum of Art.  WATER TO PAPER: PAINT TO SKY just closed at SF's Walt Disney Family Museum, to open Spring 2015 at NYC's Museum of Chinese in America.  SUMMER MIX, a group exhibition of a community of photographers was co-curated by Boyers for LACMA's Wallis Annenberg Photography Department.

Other continuing projects include DETROIT: DEFINITION, a study of her birth city as it again arises; SACRED, SILENT & WAITING, a contemplation of light, empty space and presence; and REVISIT_RENEW_NEW, an architectural exploration that also includes the 747 HOUSE, an architecturally significant experiment in repurposing. 

Her photographs reside in public and private collections and are published in magazines, books and respected online media.  Her books and poetry are published by well-recognized publishers and award-winning.


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