Winifred Whitfield has embraced a rich and varied life. After receiving Masters Degrees in Urban and Regional Planning and Social Work she became a Vice President on Wall Street.  Seeking a different life style, she moved from New York to the Northwest, purchased a little farm and thrived – though she continued to provide financial services to client.  

She took a photography class when she needed photos of her llamas for her website and fell in love with this artistic expression. Her expertise grew quickly, competing successfully international print competitions.  She judged print competitions at the international level and taught Master Classes. After several years as a classic portrait photographer Winifred has become a passionate digital painter, with painting expertise in Corel Painter and Photoshop. 

She is an educator, with an online store offering personalized painting workshops, “Almost One To One” and portrait painting tutorials, in addition to more than 50 painting tutorials on YouTube. She has received the Accolade of Lifetime Achievement from Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, the highest level of achievement granted by that organization, a Kodak Gallery Award, and a Perfect Print Award amongst others.  Her expertise is primarily in portrait painting, commissioned by her clients, but she enjoys fine art painting as well.

Though Winifred sold her farm 2 years ago, she continues to own and operate Winifred’s Portrait & Fine Art Gallery near Seattle, Washington.

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