Rick Sammon has published 28 books including his latest: Face to Face – Rick Sammon’s Complete Guide to Photographing People. Rick writes for PCPhoto, Outdoor Photographer, and Layers magazines and has produced seven interactive DVD for photographers and Adobe Photoshop/Photoshop Elements users for rickspixelmagic.com, an e-commerce site that he co-founded. Each year, Rick travels the globe in search of new images and gives more than a dozen photography workshops and presentations around the world. He’s been to more than 100 destinations on the planet, including the Arctic, Antarctica, Africa, Bhutan, Botswana, Brazil, Galapagos, India, Indonesia, Namibia, Nepal and Papua New Guinea. You can discover more about Rick and his work by visiting his website.

Rick Sammon recommends the work of Dr. Richard Zakia.

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Book Recommendation: Face to Face: Rick Sammon's Complete Guide to Photographing People by Rick Sammon
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